Do Not Cast Your Pearls Before Swine: The True Meaning of those Instructions.

The prophecies and parables that were inspired by the Most High cannot be read with a cursory glance. They each contain layer upon layer of meaning and messages, each to be uncovered at their own specific time, for each generation. Of course, the Most High’s enemies imagine that they can simply change, erase or hide our ancestors’ writings. But they deceive themselves in that regard because the Most High declares that the pen of the scribes is in vain!

To that end, it’s necessary to uncover the deeper meaning of our brother’s instructions about not throwing our spiritual gems from the Most High, before swine, lest they trample them and try to destroy them. Now, Christianity nor the Jewish religion don’t have a lot to say regarding the swine that were mentioned in those particular verses, but that’s to be expected because Christianity and the Jewish religion are of the Gentiles, so what more is to be  expected from them considering the Most High does not deal with them on a personal level because they want nothing to do with Him, or His laws. The Christians even declare that they have nailed the laws of the Most High to their crossed beams, as if the laws of the Most High can be so easily discarded… .

In this discussion, we will show you what our brother meant when he instructed us, the People of the Most High, to NOT cast our gifts from the Most High before swine. We will show you just WHO–yes, WHO– those swine REALLY are, because the Gentiles want you to believe that the swine mentioned in those scriptures are four-legged beasts, and nothing more. But oh what the Gentiles have hidden from you, because you are going to be shocked to discover that those swine in the book of Matthew, Luke and Mark, are not four-legged beasts, but are two-legged beast-LIKE people! And that particular group of “people” hate you more than you seem to realize. Let’s meet the “swine” of Matthew 7:6; Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-20; and Luke 8:26-39. Prepare to be astonished…

Do Not Cast Your Pearls Before Swine

What have the religious leaders taught you about those seemingly odd instructions? Probably not much, right? What do YOU think they mean? If you haven’t researched beyond your English translation then, sad to say, you won’t have a clear understanding about those instructions, and this is especially true because you won’t realize that our brother was  not talking about literal swine when he said that, but he was referring to a certain group of individuals whose habits and thought processes are no better than the common pig. These individuals, like swine, associate themselves with all manner of depravity and spiritual uncleaness, no matter the level of degredation and, like swine, they don’t hesitate to spread their unclean ways to anyone who is foolish enough to put themselves within reach of a stampeding herd of…”swine”..

So who are they?

Let’s take a trip back to the past, more than 2000 years ago. If you go back that far you won’t find any English bibles around, but you will find the common languages of the time spoken by Aramaic-speaking peoples, as well as Yacobites and Edomites who spoke Aramaic, and Greek-speaking peoples as well as Latin (note: Edomites descended from Esau, Yacob’s brother).

One good thing about those languages that were spoken then is that they are all still spoken today (some are more widely known than others), and if you know where to look, you will find individuals who are vey knowledgeable about those ancient languages. In fact, many of those who are well-versed about the language-history of the prophetic scrolls will tell you that the so-called Greek Testament was actually translated from the Aramaic. When I was informed of this, I decided to do a comparative study of the Aramaic scriptures vs the Greek text, and it was then that I realized that the Greek translation (like the English) actually HIDES a lot of pertinent information and heaps layers of confusion atop any legitimate effort to understand the scriptures. And those who have worked throughout their generations to keep the information hidden are STILL working overtime to rewrite true history and replace it with  lies. No need to wonder why they are defacating out so many different so-called modern translations of the scriptures because they want to hide the truth about their own history and their origins, and all of that so YOU will not be able to identify them. But no matter how many so-called “versions” of the ancient scriptures they scribe out, they just can’t seem to help ignoring one salient fact: they have ZERO access to heavn and the Most High, and if the Most High wants their identity exposed, it WILL be exposed.

The Swine and their Identity

You wouldn’t expect pigs to have a national identity, like people. In fact, the very idea should seem patently absurd. But the particular swine who were mentioned by the descendant of Adam in the book of Matthew not only have a national identity (as in: nation) but their very description, swine, IS their national identity and no, it’s not a joke.  Are you ready to discover the identity of the Swine who the descendant of Adam spoke about when he identified the swine’s nation by NAME when he called them: SWINE”? (Consequently, he used the Aramaic title to identify them.)

Have a look (click pic to view full size):

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The name you see there is pronounced (in English): Khazaria. And yes, there was a nation called Khazaria, and the peoples who populated it were known as Khazars/Chazars/Caesars. The location of Khazaria was in Eurasia (Europe), which is situated to the north of Shem’s and Khemet’s territories, which are south of where Khazaria was located. See antique maps below (click pics to view full size):

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Here is another screenshot from the Aramaic lexicon of the word swine, and it provides an alternate spelling for its Aramaic equivalent, khazzar (note that the point (dots) location beneath the letter h denotes the kh sound of the h:






The Romans from Caesaria, are Descendants of MaGog (Gomer and Ashkenak)

You might not know this, but the well-known word, Ceasar, is not phronounced See-zer. Nope, it’s pronounced: Chay-zar, and Ky-zer (as in Kaiser (non)Permanente). See below (click pic to view full size):

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And if you’re wondering where the Khazars are today, look no further than Europe, North America (including Canada) and the modern-day state of so-called Israel (click on pic for full size):

[sws_frames imageurl=”” imageframe=”sws_style3″ borderradius=”0″ imagealign=”sws_left” imagesize=”490″ imagemaxheight=”” lightbox=”1″ album=”album” video=””] [/sws_frames]

These are the very ones that the Edomites were involved with, and betrayed their own brothers (descendants of Yacob) to. The Edomites made an alliance with the Khazars; however, it did not bode well for Edom as the Khazars proved to not be their allies, after all, and worked in concert with Titus to destroy Herod the Edomite’s illegitimate temple.

In fact, the majority of those who comprise membership in the Jewish religion are in fact: the Khazars (under a new name and identity). Those unfortunate others who have joined said Talmudic religion are simply unaware that they have been duped, just like our disobedient ancestors were. This time, we WILL get it right. The house of Yacob: stay AWAY from those individuals, and do NOT trust them, for ANY reason!

So now you know who our brother was speaking of when he talked about the swine, in question. He was, of course, speaking in Aramaic, not Greek (Aramaic and Hebrew letters are almost indistinguishable from each other), and he identified the usurpers of our people so that you and the rest of the world would know the monster that was coming your way. So if you are waiting for Rome to rise again: YOU MISSED IT: THEY ALREADY RULE THE WORLD—ONCE AGAIN, just as the Khazars ruled Rome.

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