Israel is Connected to Africa

Pay attention to the documented historical mappings of the continent and you will see the truth.

The Gentiles, Japheth’s descendants (Eurasians), have a looong history of land-theft. They also have a well-documented history of attempting to rewrite history whereby they change the names of landmasses and put their own contrived names on those stolen territories.

The Shemitic territories those Gentiles erroneously call the “middle east”, have likewise fallen victim to their thievery; however, their pathetic attempts to rename an African territory in an effort to hide the genetic lineage of the inhabitants of the region, has utterly failed; history documents the facts: Yisrayil is a Shemitic territory, in Africa.

The Deamans (the word deaman is an Aramaic word that means Gentiles, and is variantly spelled: demons) like to call Shem’s territories: the “middle east” or they attempt to place this AFRICAN region in Asia. But even a young child can do a cursory perusal of a well-designed map of the African continent (Shem and Kham’s territories) and see that Yisrayil (“israel”) is indeed–and has ALWAYS been–in AFRICA.


So the question that needs to be answered then, is just when did Japheth’s brood get the idea to claim a certain northern section of Africa as theirs? Well, if you know even a little bit of the Gentiles’ history, then you should be very familiar with the land-stealing, thieving conquests of the Gentile horde, and the exploits of the Gentile, Alexander the Greek, were no different.

Take a look at this old map of the documented territories of Shem and Kham BEFORE Japeth’s Gentiles became occupiers, and then take a look at a subsequent map AFTER the Gentiles arrived to and occupied Shem’s and Kham’s territories shem_kham_japheth after flood

Now, as you can see what is clearly obvious, Shem’s and Kham’s territories overlap, and Japheth’s offspring’s territories are due north, just as it is documented in the scriptures.

We also know that history has already documented that the Gentiles INVADED the territories of Shem and Kham, some time in the past, and that destructive pestilence known as the Gentiles, is STILL spreading out not only into what remains of Kham’s territories, but into the whole inhabited earth, leaving disease, war, famine and destruction in their wake. Of course, they are the Son of Destruction, so what more can a human expect them to do but what is in them to do and what they have always done: destroy whatever they come in contact with.

And destroy is exactly what they did when they invaded Shem’s territories when the Gentile, general Titus, destroyed the Edomite, Herod’s, temple. But even before the Gentile Magog/Gomer invasion of Yudea, another well-known Gentile invaded and occupied portions of Kham’s and Shem’s territories. His name? Alexander the Greek.

Above, you can see Shem and Kham’s land allotments before the Gentiles invade; now, consider a subsequent vintage map of the Gentiles’ renaming of parts of Kham’s and Shem’s territories AFTER the Gentiles invaded and claimed those regions. Today, the Gentiles attempt to maintain their illegal stranglehold of another’s lands, and they call it by the false name middle east or Asia minor, when in reality those regions are Khemitic and Shemitic, in Shem’s and Kham’s territories, as they always have been:

alexander the gentile occupies Africa Kham and Shem territories


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